TSB’s plan to sell software security has been put on hold

Following from yesterday’s news, security researchers will not be buying undetected software security vulnerabilities from the group of hackers, The Shadow Brokers (TSB).

Security researchers were planning on buying undetected software security vulnerabilities from TSB to help fix computers before cybercriminals strike.

Researchers said the idea has been stopped for ‘legal reasons’ and critics believe that Shadow Brokers should not benefit this way.

One of the tools for sale was used to spread WannaCry malware, which affected worldwide organisations including the NHS.

“There’s a 50-50 split on whether it is a good idea and whether it would encourage Shadow Brokers to continue their activities,” said Matthew Hickey from the cybersecurity firm Hacker House. “Individuals and corps funding criminals is insane,” he added.

The hacking group still plans on selling security exploits elsewhere for $22,000.

Written from web by Leah Alger