UK government funded £600,000 towards ‘extremist blocking tool’

The public has funded £600,000 towards a tool provided by the UK government which “accurately detects” jihadist and extremist content and blocks it from being viewed.

According to ASI Data Science, the tools software is to detect 94% of IS video uploads and flags 0.005% of non-IS video uploads.

The tool is to be used by small firms to help them to remove undesirable content before being noticed.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told the BBC she would “not rule out forcing technology companies to use it by law”.

‘Vile terrorist content’

Despite this, Rudd is visiting the US to discuss the idea with tech firms and other ways to prevent extremist content.

She also said in a prepared statement: “We know that automatic technology like this can heavily disrupt the terrorists’ actions, as well as prevent people from ever being exploited to these horrific images.

“This government has been taking the lead worldwide in making sure that vile terrorist content is stamped out.”

Written by Leah Alger