US companies to use AI software to screen job candidates

More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) in order to speed up the recruiting process.

Indeed, employers aim to streamline the hiring process and find the right talents by automating the process, such as pre-screening job applicants for basic qualifications, checking for professional credentials and licenses, or even scheduling interviews. By using AI software, organizations will be able to quickly find strong candidates as well as get new hires oriented, trained, and set up with computers.

Companies such as U.S. Xpress Enterprises Inc are actively using AI in the hiring and career planning process. It was reported that AI will have an important impact on HR and recruiting in the year.

However, AI doesn’t come without concerns as lawmakers, regulators, and analysts are worried about unintentional racial or gender stereotypes from these algorithms. Besides, the New York City Council in November passed a bill asking employers to conduct a bias audit before using any AI tools or software to interview candidates.