US to blacklist seven Chinese groups suspected to build supercomputers

Last week, the Biden administration announced that it has blacklisted seven Chinese groups that are accused of building supercomputers to help its military.

Indeed, it was reported that three companies and four branches of China’s National Supercomputing Center were put on the US blacklist. This means that American companies cannot export technology to these groups without getting approval first. Hence, by doing so, the Biden administration aims to make it more complicated for China to get US technology and leverage it for military efforts.

The reason behind this decision was that was the groups were believed to be involved in building supercomputers used by Chinese military actors as well as creating weapons of mass destruction.

Now, the seven Chinese groups need to get licenses to access American technologies, including chip infrastructures designed by Intel and other U.S chipmakers. However, although the blacklist prevents US groups from providing services and products to Chinese firms, it doesn’t forbid others that are produced outside of the US.

This move by the Biden administration shows how worried the US is about China getting more powerful and using American tech to develop its military. President Biden even declared that China and the rest of the world are racing ahead of the US in the investments they have in the future.