Volvo’s electric cars held at US port waiting for a software update

It was recently reported that Volvo XC40 Recharge electric SUVs are being held at US ports due to a late software update.

Indeed, it appears that the XC40 Recharge SUVs left the factory before the Volvo On Call software was activated. This software update should connect the cars to the driver’s phone allowing them to control the vehicle remotely. Hence, this makes it impossible for the company to release the cars to customers and dealers yet.

Many customers are then waiting for the delivery of their XC40 Recharge since the end of February.

This happens soon after Volvo released its first over-the-air software update for existing XC40 customers, which included a new base software for the car’s main electronics systems, as well as an increase in charging speed, and an improved driving range. We do not know if the two are related as of now.