Web Summit urges to make global internet a priority

During the Web Summit, Facebook’s head of global affairs urges Joe Biden to tackle the splintering of the global internet and to make it his top tech priority.


Indeed, he stated that the global internet doesn’t exist. With countries such as Turkey and Russia trying to imitate China, there are two paradigms struggling for supremacy.


Yet, this fight over the future of the internet has been put aside by three separate debates. The US is rather focused on which big tech firms have to be broken up, Europe on data sovereignty and privacy, and India on the security of platforms and apps.


Thus, the Summit strongly suggests the future President of the United States to take action and work on finding common ground between the three in order to ensure that the US has more power over the future of the internet than China.


However, the Summit didn’t tackle the topic of misinformation despite the fact that social networks announced that they were not going to remove misinformation about vaccines. Although the President of the European Commission declared earlier this week that tough new rules were going to be implemented, which would force social networks to remove harmful or illegal content more swiftly in Europe, the Summit didn’t discuss this issue.


Facebook’s head of global affairs believes that Europe is too skeptical about how data is aggregated at scale and is in an unusual position as it doesn’t have any major tech platforms while still being a global player when it comes to the internet.


Technology is evolving fast, and he urges politicians to take it into account and reconsider their tech priorities in the future.