11 Mar 2016: This week’s highlighted articles 

The National Software Testing Conference returns to the British Museum 

Returning for the third year with an exceptional line-up of speakers including heads of testing, directors of QA and industry specialists, The National Software Testing Conference will take place on the 17-18 May 2016.

The National Software Testing Conference has always prided itself on highlighting speakers who have excelled in their careers and dedicated their lives to promoting quality in software. This year’s line up includes speakers from the public, retail, financial and media sectors.

Testing strategies for mobile and web 

Ahead of their industry roundtable at The TEST Focus Groups Eran Kinsbruner Director Product Marketing Perfecto Mobile discusses the importance of testing for real user conditions.

What are the security concerns surrounding IoT? 

Barry Mattacott, Marketing Director at Wick Hill Group, looks at the security risks of linking more and more smart devices to our networks. Are we just creating ever more vulnerable endpoints in today’s world of the Internet of Things?

Women are the biggest disruptors of technology 

Cassy Calvert, Test Services Manager at BJSS, celebrates women in IT, and in software testing in particular.

Close your eyes and think about a software tester… Let me guess, a thirty-something male? That’s the stereotypical view people have on the software development industry, but times are changing. Women are becoming an ever increasing presence in what is traditionally considered an all-male industry and even more importantly, will help the industry innovate.

US Department of Defense introduces its first cyber bug bounty programme

The Department of Defense has announced that it will invite vetted hackers to test the department’s cybersecurity under a unique pilot programme.
The ‘Hack the Pentagon’ initiative is the first cyber bug bounty programme in the history of the US federal government.

And from our sister site, DevOps Online: Survey finds companies want security as part of continuous development but aren’t there yet

A recent survey, sponsored by CloudPassage, has revealed the security challenges companies face on the path to adopting continuous development methods such as DevOps.