National Software Testing Conference

Practical Presentations | Workshops | Networking | Exhibition

Sheraton, Toronto, Canada

Welcome to The National Software Testing Conference!

The National Software Testing Conference has been developed to provide the Canadian software testing community with:

  • Invaluable content from high-level industry speakers
  • Practical presentations & roundtable discussion forums
  • A wealth of networking opportunities
  • A market leading exhibition, products and services.

The conference will serve as a productive networking platform designed to help delegates be more successful in their day-to-day roles.

The National Software Testing Conference is open to all, but is aimed and produced for those professionals that recognise the crucial importance of Software Testing within the software development lifecycle.

The content is therefore geared towards:

  • C-level IT executives
  • QE directors
  • Heads of testing / test managers
  • Senior engineers
  • Senior test professionals.

Taking place over two packed days The National Software Testing Conference is a fantastic opportunity to network, learn, share advice, and keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

200 Attendees

by job title

by sector


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It’s been a wonderful and productive experience. I want to thank all of you guys in the organization, for such a brilliant work.

Enrique Almohalla, CoFounder Partner and CEO of icaria- Netzima

Just wanted to send you a message to say thank you. i really enjoyed the conference. it was very well organised the food and location brilliant all your hard work really paid off.

Grayson Cobb, Test Manager at Liquidlogic

Well organised and interesting conference with a good balance of presentations for anyone interested in the challenges and common themes across the software testing world.

Christian Panter, One Savings Bank

Excellent Conference with some thought provoking topics and lots of potential actions to take back to my workplace

Julie Hughes, Park Group