China warns Canada not to ban 5G equipment

Last Thursday China’s ambassador to Canada warned there will be ‘repercussions’ if it decides to ban the use of 5G equipment from Huawei Technologies, according to a Bloomberg report.

In a press briefing, Ambassador Lu Shaye said there is no documented evidence that Huawei has been acting on behalf of the Chinese government.

5G equipment

Lu urged the Canadian government to make a “wise decision” by allowing the company to use its 5G equipment in the country.

The sharp warning comes as tensions between the two countries continue to escalate.

Last month, on Dec 1st, Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wangzhou, was arrested in Canada – at the request of the US government – for allegedly conspiring to defraud banks and causing them to violate American sanctions against Iran.

China has since arrested two Canadians, an entrepreneur (Michael Spavor) and a former diplomat (Michael Kovrig).

According to multiple reports, earlier this week, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, the Canadian man found guilty of drug trafficking in China, has also been sentenced to death.

China acting “arbitrarily”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused China of acting “arbitrarily” by applying the death penalty to a Canadian convicted of drug trafficking, Reuters reports.

According to the Bloomberg report, the Prime Minister’s envoy to Beijing said China’s international reputation is suffering as a result.

“If the Canadian government does ban Huawei from participating in the 5G network then – as for what kind of repercussions there will be I am not sure – but I believe there will be repercussions,” Lu said, through a translator.

Other countries including the US and Australia have placed bans on Huawei’s operations given its alleged close connections with the Chinese government.

Meng’s case

Lu said the feud between the two countries can be fixed, but defended the arrest of the two Canadians and criticized Canada’s arrest of Meng, claiming that she is innocent and isn’t guilty of breaking any Canadian laws.

He also said the feud was having an impact on the trade relations between the two countries, but he said that he hopes talks could resume once the on-going tensions subside.

The two countries have been holding negotiations on a potential free trade agreement.

According to the report, Lu said he believes the Meng case could be resolved soon and will be released. However, in an email to Bloomberg, a Canadian Justice Ministry spokesman confirmed that that US has yet to make a formal request for extradition regarding Meng’s arrest and has until Jan. 30th.