42Gears integrates virtual assistant chatbot ‘DeepThought’

42Gears Mobility Systems has launched its virtual assistant chatbot for its SureMDM platform, DeepThought.

The leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution provider announced its Beta version has pioneered the integration of artificial intelligence into the EMM solution.

SureMDM DeepThought combined with 42Gears aims to deliver natural language processing to its customers, for “better experience, improved productivity, easier access to information, quicker command execution due to the availability of voice and text-based chat support.”

Through predefined ‘suggestion tabs’, users’ will be able to interact with the bot, and type and ask questions though the voice enabled chat.

To help the chatbot learn and improve on its user experience, every request will be captured in DeepThought’s database.

Prakash Gupta, CTO of 42Gears, said: “SureMDM is the only EMM solution that offers AI powered virtual assistant for managing devices. Admins often find it time consuming and difficult to navigate through the maze of features and functionalities of an EMM platform.

“DeepThought provides a simple, user friendly and natural way to deal with EMM data and features. We envision it to be the defacto way of interacting with the EMM console. With time, the natural language understanding and machine learning will help the bot in offering even more enhanced experience to the IT.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger