Nasdaq glitch disturbs data

Tech giants’ including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, feel the effects of a Nasdaq glitch, as incorrect stock market data hits traders’ screens worldwide.

The glitch, which was improperly disseminated by third party vendors, created faulty test data for several platforms, such as Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg terminals.

According to The Australian, stock prices showed Apple’s shares to drop by 14%, Amazon’s shares dropped by 87% and Microsoft surged by 79%.

If the companies were properly declined, Apple would have been knocked by US$104 billion; Amazon’s cap would drop by US$396 billion, whilst Microsoft would have risen to US$415 billion.

Nasdaq spokesman, Joe Christinat, believes that no trades were affected by the glitch: “This is a vendor issue, not a Nasdaq issue,” he added.

Written by Leah Alger