Security industry needs to focus more on people not tech, says Facebook

Facebook’s security boss declared the security industry needs to worry less about technology and more about people

At the Black Hat conference, Facebook’s Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos, scolded the security industry in the opening keynote, saying there was “too much focus on technically complex stunt hacks and not enough on finding ways to help the mass of people stay safe.”

He also added that the problem would only get worst if the industry did not exhibit more empathy and become more diverse, and that “we have perfected the art of finding problems without fixing real world issues. We focus too much on complexity, not harm.

“The things that we see, that we come across every day, that cause people to lose control of their information are not that advanced,” he said. “Adversaries will do the simplest thing they need to do to make an attack work.”

Although he did note that spies or nation-states were not targeting most Facebook users who lost data.

Written by Leah Alger