Adaptavist Test Management for Jira

Testing and quality assurance is crucial to any software creation. Especially with businesses having to adapt, improve and deliver software faster to stay competitive whilst meeting customer needs. They need a software testing solution that simplifies the test process, enables scale and ensures quality with every new release.

Adaptavist Test Management for Jira is the full-featured, enterprise-ready test management solution. It’s seamlessly integrated into the Jira user interface with enhanced settings and custom fields to establish consistency across Jira projects.

Improves efficiency with data-driven testing

It’s been intelligently designed with an intuitive interface that enables you to plan, design, execute, track, and report your whole testing lifecycle in one central location. There’s no need to switch between environments, you can do everything right inside Jira. Adaptavist Test Management for Jira enables test cases to be created once and then re-used in multiple environments such as languages, browsers, devices which is essential to scaling-up test coverage.

Scale up with automation and DevOps integration

TM4J also offers a free and flexible REST API to automate bulk tests that enable seamless integration with most continuous integration tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo. Making it easy for organisations to automate and interpret high volumes of complex tests across multiple platforms, products and teams. It provides full traceability across issues, requirements, test cases, and execution meaning tests generate traceable report logs that can be easily actioned by test engineers and development teams.

Complete visibility

The in-depth reporting capability gives users the ability to analyse and share test data results between development and business teams providing a whole new level of visibility of testing performance. Jira gadgets give development, testing and business teams an easy way to track test results whilst providing more granularity for those working in regulated environments where compliance is essential.

TM4J enables developers, testers and product owners to QA quickly and effectively in the cloud, server and data-centre. It’s the single source of truth for your entire testing lifecycle right inside JIRA and is available from the Atlassian Marketplace.


  • Drive reusability across Jira with cross-project hierarchical repositories for all test assets
  • Improve collaboration with flexible workflows between traditional and Agile development teams
  • Enhance coverage with end-to-end traceability across all test artifacts
  • Eliminate duplication to increase efficiency with versioning, test data parameters and shared step features
  • Improve visibility and functionality with 70 cross-project reports and gadgets
  • Reduce management time and effort, with rich APIs for integration with test automation and DevOps tools
  • Allows teams to seamlessly collaborate and manage multiple versions of test cases in parallel while providing an audit history of changes.


  • Easy drag and drop organisation, planning and execution
  • Hierarchical folders to manage and reuse assets across Jira projects, releases and sprints
  • Test case libraries including versioning shared steps and test data parameters
  • Test plans and runs to manage and track test execution cycles
  • Full traceability of test cases, requirements, test execution results and defects
  • 70 cross-project reports, gadgets and Confluence Macros to track the coverage of your tests with advanced cross-project reporting
  • Global and project level settings for customisation and standardisation
  • Custom fields for test cases, test steps, test plans and test runs
  • Migration function to import test cases from files or legacy test management tools
  • REST APIs for integration with test automation and DevOps tools.

Use Cases:

  • Integrate CI tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI or other development applications like Github, Bitbucket, Datadog via the REST API for end-to-end integration across test case management, execution, and reporting
  • Automate testing at scale, whilst maintaining traceability inside Jira. Scaled to 10,000+ tests across multiple configurations, publishing results in Jira in under 30 minutes
  • Increase efficiency by significantly reducing time spent on test case specification and management
  • Benefit from reusability across Jira projects and single points of maintenance when reusing and organizing test cases
  • Improved visibility of software testing process and quality with 70 out-of-the-box reports, including real-time dashboards
  • Clear end-to-end traceability of requirements, tests, and defects ensuring that the delivered software meets requirements.

Adaptavist JIRA

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