Adobe stops software license audits

Adobe has stopped carrying out software license audits in most parts of the world, says Stephen White, Gartner research director.

White explains that “These programs were closed in the North America, Japan and Latin America markets as of November 2015”. Adobe plans to maintain audit and compliance programming in certain markets through APAC.

Gartner was first told about the end of audits through a third party. The situation was later confirmed by Adobe itself.

Software licensing model is changing

Stephen White explains that removing audits is a positive thing for Adobe. It means the company have eased their security and piracy plans, as they no longer need such stringent cybersecurity. However, it is not such great news for Adobe users, as they no longer have audits.

Adobe is not the only company to do so, Oracle is also closing its license services division. This is also because of developments in cloud technology. White believes organisations must re-focus their software asset management efforts to ensure that their SaaS buying habits aren’t costly.

Edited from sources by Ruby Arenson