AI to become more accessible as its adoption is growing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow and mature as more organisations implement and use it.

Indeed, a recent study by IBM showed that 35% of IT professionals believe that AI adoption will accelerate and become more accessible. Following the challenges of the pandemic, many businesses invested in AI and digital transformation in order to survive and evolve, which led to AI being implemented more than ever.

Chinese and Indian organisations are leading the way in terms of AI adoption with 60% of IT professionals actively using AI compared to other markets such as South Korea, Australia, the US, and the UK. By deploying AI, these companies aim to have access to a better data management strategy and achieve business goals successfully.

Moreover, AI can help reduce the skills shortages by automating tasks for skilled workers helping them be more productive, and assisting them in their learning and training. Businesses are also planning to use AI in sustainability initiatives with 66% of IT professionals wanting to apply AI or are already applying AI in order to accelerate these initiatives. One in five companies is hence using AI due to environmental pressures.

However, there are still some challenges to tackle such as making sure that AI is less biased and that AI-powered decisions are explained and justified. Some companies are also struggling to implement AI due to a lack of expertise or knowledge, high prices, and a lack of tools and platforms for developing AI models.