Air Force’s first ever chief software officer has resigned

It was recently reported that Nicolas Chaillan, the Air Force’s first chief software officer involved in high-profile technology initiatives, has quit his job after a rather blunt post on LinkedIn.

Indeed, Chaillan, who has been working with the Department of Defence since August 2018, listed what pushed him to leave his post, including a lack of support from the Pentagon and Air Force senior leadership. During his time there, he mentioned bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to the jets to co-pilot the jets alongside Air Force pilots as well as developing a DevSecOps platform to speed up software development across the branch.

However, Chaillan mentioned the limited resources and support he has to work with in order to complete his responsibilities. He also criticized the DoD for putting Majors or Lt Colonels in charge of ICAM or Cloud who had no previous experience in that field. He added that he was becoming technology stale due to so many distractions.

Besides, he pointed out that the military leadership was unable to deliver on their own top priority and he wouldn’t receive fundings for JADC2.

As of now, an acting chief software officer has not been chosen yet.