Airbnb builds a comprehensive test framework

Airbnb builds an extensive and ever expanding test suite of real transactions, following data quality and sensitive request changes.

In order for the online marketplace and hospitality service to have the ability to write extensive suites of unit tests against specific handlers, a comprehensive test framework has been built.

Together, with smoke tests and integration tests, they easily identified regressions and other errors, which gave them a high degree of confidence in the quality of their data, and the ability to make quick changes.

The new test suite is a crucial test framework, especially when they have time sensitive requests from finance and legal partners, so it’s important that they’re confident reporters.

The financial reporting pipeline scales both on a product basis, and on a runtime basis. It has the ability to support new financial engineering products, because of building a framework around the right abstractions.

In the future, Airbnb wants to make the payment experience ‘delightful, magical and intuitive,’ whilst moving towards an entirely event-based system, with complete, accurate and extensible reporting, for all Airbnb products.

Edited from source by Leah Alger

Source: Airbnb Engineering & Data Science Blog