Amazon gives access to Alexa’s software to help automakers build their own voice assistant

Amazon is launching a new service that will allow automakers and device manufacturers to create their own voice assistances, built on Alexa’s AI technology.


The company declared that automakers will also be able to work in cooperation with Alexa in order to develop their own unique digital assistant. Hence, although it will rely on Amazon’s tech, each company will have the opportunity to create its own voice, skills, and capabilities for the device. The service will also allow simultaneous multi-assistant cooperation, meaning that the two voice assistants can co-exist and work together.


By giving access to their technology, Amazon seeks to give more time, resources, and flexibility to auto manufacturers to build their own capabilities to serve the customers better. Indeed, the Alexa Custom Assistant makes it easier for developers to use the Alexa Skills Kit technology in order to develop skills made for their brand and accessed through particular words.


Yet, Amazon is still responsible for all the data but declared that the same privacy and security policies will be applied.


It is the first time Amazon is offering this kind of access to its voice AI technology.