Amazon opens ‘no checkout’ supermarket

Today, Amazon opened its first ever grocery store without human or self-service checkouts.

The electronic commerce and cloud computing company’s store Amazon Go uses hundreds of electronic sensors and ceiling-mounted cameras to track what customers take away from the store.

Customers swipe their smartphone’s Amazon Go app when entering the store in Seattle, like you would a London underground ticket.

‘Four years of legwork’

Purchases are then billed for when shoppers leave the store through the app, to their credit cards.

Sensors on the shelves ensure Amazon knows who takes what, and an electronic receipt is issued as they exit.

Gianna Puerini, vice president of Amazon Go, said: “The store worked very well throughout the test phase, thanks to four years of legwork.

“It was really advancing the state of the art of computer vision and machine learning.”

Despite this, there have been issues, which included identifying the wrong shoppers because of similar body types, according to The Guardian.

Written by Leah Alger