Apple to bring 4 gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020

Yesterday, Apple announced that its global facilities are 100% run by renewable energy, as well as touched upon its eco-friendly incentive.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helped Apple with its Clean Power Plan to help push forward renewable energy.

The Clean Power Plan is an Obama administration policy aimed at combating global warming that was proposed by the EPA.

Manufacturing emissions

The technology company also revealed its plans to bring 4 gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020 — “a key step in reducing our manufacturing footprint”.

According to the Apple Environmental Responsibility report, manufacturing makes up 77% of its carbon footprint. Most of it is due to carbon emissions from the electricity used to make its products — over 60% of its manufacturing emissions.

The report continued: “We’re sourcing lower-carbon materials, partnering with our suppliers around the world to reduce their current energy use, and helping them switch to renewable energy.

“We believe that together we can transform the manufacturing process to dramatically reduce emissions.”

Renewable energy

Apple has installed 315 megawatts of Apple-owned renewable energy projects and projects with long-term agreements. An additional 618 megawatts of renewable energy projects are in construction.

All of its data centres also operate on 100% renewable energy and power billions of iMessages, answers from Siri, and song downloads from iTunes.

Written by Leah Alger