Apple’s App Store moves from quantity to quality

Apple has decided to deplete the amount of apps available for download in the App Store, preferring quality to quantity. They will remove any apps that are low performing, inefficient or outdated.

Apple will begin to review and remove apps on the 7th September. This remodel coincides with the release of Apple’s newest iPhone, due to be unveiled on the same day.

Poorly performing apps face deletion

Any apps that crash when launched will be immediately removed from the store. Issues that do not involve crashing will be considered for 30 days. In this time Apple will review the app thoroughly, making necessary changes for its recovery. Problem apps will also be considered for deletion. These are apps that have not been updated in a long time or those that no longer operate as they should.

Apple will also look into app naming, as many apps have chosen longer names to ensure they are at the top of search lists. Apple’s remodel will ensure that the App Store only displays new and updated apps, with names consisting of 50 characters or less.

Increasing user experience

Apple reassures consumers that these changes will benefit users. Its App Store currently has over 2 million apps that are available for any iOS products. Thus it is no surprise that quality issues are arising.

The remodel will have a positive effect on consumers, ensuring that apps work in a more efficient manner and that worthless apps are removed. Furthermore, it will encourage developers to create apps which are of a higher quality than that which has been seen before.

However Apple has left some unanswered questions. For example, whether popular and useful apps will be deleted. Additionally, it is unknown whether the number of apps will dramatically decrease, leaving less choice for consumers.


Edited from sources by Ruby Arenson