Automic Software introduces ‘Continuous Delivery Map’  

A leader in business automation software owned by CA Technologies, Automic Software, announced the release of its ‘Continuous Delivery Map’.

The dynamic, visual map of the DevOps and continuous delivery tool chain takes the form of a metropolitan transit map, where tools within the DevOps tool chain have been represented and categorised as stops along colour-coded rail lines.

The different “lines” represent elements of the development and delivery process accordingly.

Each stop provides a brief explanation, a specific tool in the app ecosystem, and additional documentation, as well as the product’s homepage.

CMO of Automatic Software, Chris Boorman, said: “Making sense of the huge variety and number of tools available for the modern software development process can be confusing.”

The new interactive guide offers a reference tool, highlighting the types of tools required for modern software delivery products, such as CA Continuous Delivery Director and CA Automic Release Automation.

“Continuous Delivery Map clarifies the role each of these tools plays within a CD context, and demonstrates how orchestration, which is at the heart of this guide, is critical to a successful modern software delivery practice,” added Boorman.

Automic business automation also provides enterprises with the visibility, agility, speed and scalability needed to respond to today’s evolving technology landscape.

Written from press release by Leah Alger


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