Babbel and Cambridge English produce digital language testing

The maker of mobile language learning apps, Babbel, has partnered with Cambridge University’s English language certification arm.

Cambridge English and the German company are “setting a new, high-quality standard for digital language testing”, by developing the test and splitting the revenue together, which will be marketed as the “Babbel English Test”, according to Reuters.

Testing users from level A1 up to B2 will have the ability to certify reading and listening comprehension skills in real-life, conversational situations through its app.

A certificate of achievement, which can be used when applying for jobs and on LinkedIn profiles, will be sent to test takers who pass; giving language students a way to attest to their English fluency level.

For Cambridge English, the test marks its first “major move” into smart-phone based language testing.

Written by Leah Alger