Banco Santander addresses excellence at National Software Testing Conference

Certification Governance Director at Banco Santander, Amparo Marin, spoke exclusively at The National Software Testing Conference on the 22 May 2017 about how to stream excellence services within a quality assurance environment.

In how excellence rules over service delivery and quality assurance it was highlighted that in the last decade, the economy has undergone significant transformation with services accounting for a 75% share. This has led to a world of services targeted to the new types of customers.

“Brands today face the challenge to find new customer relationship models and in this context quality and excellent service delivery has proved to be a key lever to transform services distribution into customer experiences,” said Amparo Marin, Certification Governance Director at Banco Santander.

This presents a good challenge for senior management and embedding the process into the team culture, it was noted.

Written by Leah Alger