BCS calls for more MPs to grasp the technological challenges the UK faces

As it unveils a series of Ministerial briefing papers, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is calling on all MPs and policy makers to understand the benefits and challenges that the UK faces as a result of the technological revolution.
“If the UK is going to retain and grow its leadership position then we need to ensure that everyone, including MPs, understand not only the potential of technology to our economy and society but also what holds us back.” David Evans, Director of Policy at the Institute, explains.
“We need to ensure that the workforce is prepared for the coming challenges and that the UK is positioned as the best place to live and do business in a digital world, creating more jobs and wealth for the country.”

Ministerial briefing papers

The Institute’s Ministerial briefing papers are a result of consultation with industry and IT professionals; they provide background information and recommendations covering the following topics:
1. Digital Skills and the Future of the Workplace.
2. IT in Health and Social Care.
3. Identity Management for Citizen Interaction with the Digital Economy.
4. Online Government Services and Citizen Interaction.
5. Communication and Infrastructure.

Data and information changes as fundamental improvements

The Institute is keen to ensure that MPs and policy makers understand the fundamental changes that data and information will enable within education, policing, health and social care and help to improve the lives of every citizen.
David concludes: “Technology has the ability to protect us, improve our wellbeing and create wealth. However, our pursuit to create better public services and a thriving technology industry will only be successful if we also protect the rights of individuals and create innovative solutions to protect personal information. This remains a challenge that the world’s greatest technological companies are yet to adequately address, and cannot do alone. As an organisation here to make IT good for society, BCS has a unique space where political leaders, technology leaders, and those passionate about the potential of information and technology can work together for the benefit of the citizen.”