The blue pill, or the red pill, you decide – the future is yours?

Returning for the fourth year, with an exceptional line-up of speakers including heads of testing, directors of QA and industry specialists, The National Software Testing Conference will take place on the 22-23 May 2017.

A talk from an industry expert

As a speaker at this years’ National Software Testing Conference, Leigh Rathbone, Test Principal, Shop Direct, will be discussing ‘The blue pill, or the red pill, you decide – the future is yours?’

Rathbone said he is excited to partake in this years’ conference as he thoroughly enjoys the networking aspect of these events, and having previously been a delegate, and enjoyed hearing talks from fellow peers such as Dan Giles from PlayStation, wanted to finally give a talk himself.

“I have one eye on delivery, but most of my effort looks into the future. The future training and development of test managers, testers, and seeing what we need to move from a delivery style similar to waterfall, to a more collaborative approach,” said Rathbone in regards to what his role at Shop Direct entails.

Key takeaways from the presentation

“My talk isn’t a silver bullet to today’s challenges, simply because every company works differently, has different context, has different cultures, values, tech, so each tester and test team faces a different challenge. I hope through bringing my journey to life, showing how I went from being irrelevant to a recruiter to being on the front, will act as a spark to light a fire in people’s bellies.”

He continued, “The talk has Dolly Parton, Status Quo, and The Prodigy in there to keep it different!”

Why attend The National Software Testing Conference?

The National Software Testing Conference provides an ideal environment for learning, networking and developing skills.

Stating why he believes people should attend the conference, Rathbone said, “The networking that happens in-between talks, breaks, and during the drinks reception, is absolutely essential if you want to be part of the testing community. Being a part of the testing community isn’t just about writing a blog post, or heading to specific web pages in order to stay up-to-date, it about heading to these conferences. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, people who are in the zone for learning and absorbing information and new ideas. It’s absolutely essential to anyone’s growth.”