Brazil industry workers will have to reskill to adapt to new technologies

The increasing adoption of new technologies will force 9.6 million Brazilian workers in the industry sector to reskill in the coming years.

Indeed, a study by the National Industry Observatory showed that 2 million workers will need initial training to replace inactive workers and fill new vacancies while the majority of workers in the industrial sector will require ongoing education as the old skills are becoming irrelevant in the world of the cloud.

The digital transformation is calling for new technologies and changes in the production chain in Brazil, which leads to a need to invest in improvement and prequalification. Manufacturing firms have then been increasing the adoption of emerging technologies such as automation and data analysis.

Hence, it was reported that between 2022 and 2025, around 497,000 jobs should be created in the industrial sector. Technical and higher-level occupations should also keep on growing as companies always need professionals to solve more complex problems.