Burger King launches Russian crypto-currency

In Russia, Burger King has launched its own crypto-currency called WhopperCoin.

To run the scheme, the fast-food chain has partnered with crypto-cash start-up, Waves.

One coin is worth 1.3p every time they buy a Whopper burger, and once customers collect 1,7000 in WhooperCoins, they will be able to buy a Whooper with the virtual cash, meaning they will get a free sandwich for every six they buy with “real money”.

Customers will be able to claim the coins by scanning their receipt with a smart phone.

Garrick Hileman, research fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, said to the BBC: “I don’t imagine McDonald’s will be quick to allow someone to pay for a Big Mac with their WhopperCoins.

“Burger King’s competitors are more likely to accept an independent crypto-currency like bitcoin.”

Emin Gun Sirer, a director at the Intiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts warned they could be used for money laundering and ransomware payments.

The company is also to release Apple and Android apps next month, for people to save, trade and share their wallets full of WhooperCoins.

Written by Leah Alger