Canada’s workforce to struggle with the new digital challenges

As Canada is struggling to train its workforce to the new digital challenges, organisations are partnering with educational institutions to provide new alternatives.

Indeed, a study by Salesforce Canada showed that a majority of Canadians don’t have the resources to learn the digital skills required by businesses today and they are equally not prepared to meet the digital skills requirements of the future. Only 28% of Canadians believe that their digital communication skills are advanced, 19% have an advanced understanding of smart technology, and 16% have expertise in data analytics.

Companies are then having a hard time finding candidates with the right digital skills to build their businesses. In order to revolve this, Seneca College will be launching a pilot micro-credential program to offer students the ability to learn digital skills as well as technical training modules and real-world case studies, at a lower cost and time commitment.

These educational programs will be aligned with business talent needs and will give certain populations an opportunity to broaden their skills and receive appropriate training.