China’s claim to a ‘hack-proof’ communication system

China has tested a prototype communication system that uses the principles of quantum mechanics, making what is claimed to be “impossible” for hackers to access.

To secure communication between two parties and to share secret keys for decrypting and encrypting messages, its quantum key distribution used quantum mechanics.

China sent a stream of quantum encryption keys from a satellite to earth in the first trial of its ‘hack-proof’ communication system.

According to Computer Weekly, the trial marks the first time space-to-ground QKD technology has been successful.

The satellite sent quantum keys up to 1,200km in the test, making it 20 times more efficient using optical fibre, according to Pan Jian-Wei, the experiment’s lead scientist.

According to the system’s designers, the system will self-destruct and the quantum state of the key will change if intercepted and measured.

The BBC also reported that China is working to establish a large ground-based network that uses quantum communication to protect messages.

Written by Leah Alger