CIO and CTO roles to converge due to digital transformation

A recent study by Transposit revealed that digital transformation within organizations has strongly impacted CIO and CTO roles.

Indeed, it was found out that these top executive roles have converged as these two positions have taken much more responsibility for business strategy. 97.8% of executives stated that there was an increased focus on digital transformation within their organization in the past 3 years, with 75.4% of CTOs and CIOs stating the same since the beginning of the pandemic.

Usually, CIOs and CTOs have different roles within their companies, however, the study showed that these two roles have shifted and converged due to the increased focus on digital transformation. 66.3% of CIOs and 78.1% of CTOs have declared that their position is now directly involved in or leading business strategy.

It was also reported that both CIOs and CTOs share tasks relating to software development, operating in-house developed software, managing SaaS or operating commercial off-the-shelf software, external customer experience, and digital transformation. 33.5% stated that ownership of most aspects of digital transformation initiatives is a shared responsibility between the CIO and CTO.

Moreover, the story revealed that DevOps has become a standard practice across enterprises, with 87.7% of respondents declaring using DevOps practices, and 83.4% believing that DevOps is important to digital transformation at their organization. Besides, 98.1% of CIOs and CTOs are planning to expand DevOps practices and 83.4% already have a plan in place to do so.