Citadele Bank leverages fraud through DIGIPASS

Helping protect its customers from transaction fraud, VASCO, today announced that Citadele Bank Latvia has integrated DIGIPASS into its mobile app and CRONTO visual transaction, which signs into its online banking platform.

Citadele Bank has integrated the DIGIPASS for apps API library within its mobile application, to leverage fraud mitigation features including root-kit detection.

The bank has also integrated VASCO’s CRONTO, a patented visual transaction signing solution, into its MobileSCAN application.

‘Connecting accounts securely online’

Using DIGIPASS for apps and CRONTO, Citadele is helps customers connect to their accounts securely online or through a mobile device.

CRONTO helps the bank protect against Trojan and attacks during customer transactions using a visual graphical cryptogram.

Citadele Bank’s head of e-business division, Martins Berzins, said:”As customers increasingly shift from brick and mortar to mobile banking, they want mobile banking solutions that are convenient, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand.

‘Achieving solutions tailored to on-going needs’

“Those characteristics personify why we have been a VASCO customer for the past 20 years and why we feel confident that with innovative products like CRONTO, VASCO will continue to meet the technical needs of the Citadele Group as well as the near and long-term interests of our customers.”

VASCO’s president and chief operating officer, Scott Clements, added: “Business relationships, especially in the security space, often begin with standalone point solutions that, over time, broaden into a portfolio of best-of-breed capabilities.

“Our relationship with Citadele was initially hardware-based login security. Today, by providing the bank with software solutions, we have not only helped them to achieve a more holistic solutions profile tailored to their on-going needs, but also enabled VASCO to remain their top security partner.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger