Cyberthreats will continue to increase in 2021

As the sanitary crisis persists, it is very likely that cyber-attacks will increase throughout 2021. Research by Check Point reveals the many ways that criminals are using this crisis to implement their tactics.

Among the most popular threats are phishing campaigns, especially when related to the promise of a vaccine. More drug companies will be under the threat of malicious attacks by cybercriminals looking to exploit the situation. Similarly, the attacks on remote learners will only increase with the education sector having to shift to an e-learning environment. Educational facilities were a high target in August, and it is very likely that they will keep on being one as long as the crisis continues.

Moreover, there is an increase in double-extortion ransomware attacks where criminals take and decrypt sensitive data before threatening to expose it unless a ramson is paid. Hospitals and health organizations are the most vulnerable.

With remote working, new vulnerabilities are being exploited. For instance, the technology used to create fake video and audio is so advanced that it can be used as a weapon by criminals in order to fool people or manipulate their opinion. Another way is through 5G which is now always on and connected at high speeds. 5G devices can be used to collect medical data or even monitor the movements of users. Without protection, these devices are under serious threat of cyberattacks.

In order to stay ahead of threats, organizations must absolutely double their protection and remain proactive. Ever since lockdown started, 71% of security professionals revealed an increase in cyber threats and unfortunately, this will only increase in the next year.