DataWalk’s new software finds people at risk of Coronavirus 

DataWalk, provider of the industry’s most advanced intelligence analysis software, today announced that the company has demonstrated a solution that can proactively identify potential supercarriers, patients zero and people at risk of contracting Coronavirus.

By connecting and correlating vast amounts of data such as immigration records, individuals who are known to be affected, and anonymized cell phone data, DataWalk’s network analysis technology can help identify:

Sources of infection:

DataWalk can enable the identification of potential supercarriers who are often resistant to the disease themselves and do not know that they can infect others.

People at risk:

DataWalk can enable identification of people who may have been infected through contact with a supercarrier, or with a person who is currently diagnosed with a virus (e.g., was on the same flight, in the same office, ate in the same restaurant, etc.).

Current and potential outbreaks.

By proactively identifying potential supercarriers and people at risk, appropriate medical services and precautions could then be taken to help minimize the spread of the virus. Details of the solution can be seen in a demonstration video published by the company.

“With our scalable network analysis software, we are one of the only companies in the world that has the technology to help systematically identify potential supercarriers and people at risk of contracting Coronavirus,” said Gabe Gotthard, DataWalk CEO. “We are ready and able to help governments and other organizations around the world in their efforts to contain Coronavirus.”