Digital Finance Institute releases Top 50 Women in FinTech list

The Digital Finance Institute has released their Top 50 Women in FinTech list featuring the top 50 women disrupting financial services through technology in Canada.

The top 50 were selected from over 400 recommendations to the Digital Finance Institute by industry stakeholders during the institute’s outreach phase.

Ellis Odynn, the executive director of the Digital Finance Institute, said: “We’re proud to launch Canada’s Top 50 Women in FinTech report which highlights impactful women in emerging technologies for financial services and to continue the Institute’s support of women in tech.”

Those included in this list were selected based on their leadership, vision, innovation, engagement and impact, in addition to their commitment to growing and supporting the wider FinTech community.

The Digital Finance Institute wrote in a blog post: “We are pleased to release our report showcasing the 50 top women in FinTech in Canada. Five years ago, the Digital Finance Institute partnered with SWIFT Innotribe to publish the first white paper on women in FinTech and was a global trailblazer in starting the conversation about the inclusion of women in the rapidly growing financial technology sector.”

The Institute also co-launched the popular FemTech Leaders series which highlighted the leadership and achievements of women in the FinTech & AI community globally. The Institute conducted a Canada-wide study on the FinTech ecosystem, which included in-depth research with leaders in the financial technology sector to select the top 50 women.

The Digital Finance Institute has also launched the Scotiabank FemTech Leader of the Year Award to recognize a woman leader in FinTech at the 5th Annual Canadian FinTech & AI Awards gala event in Toronto on November 18th.

The Institute is co-hosting a women in tech mentorship and networking event as part of the inaugural Canada FinTech Week taking place from August 12th to August 15th, in Toronto.