Digital transformation to be slowing down

Although digital transformation has been growing significantly in the past two years, it looks like it is now slowing down due to legacy technology and data integration.

Indeed, a study by Workday showed that 58% of business leaders believe that digital transformation within their organizations has slowed or will be slowing down soon. The rush to digitalize all infrastructure has created many unresolved or exposed issues, which put businesses at risk.

Some of these issues come from being constrained by legacy systems and data silos, with only 42% of IT leaders feeling that they are able to adopt cloud technologies without legacy constraints. Besides, 50% of them can’t keep pace with service upgrades as part of legacy technology while 59% take weeks or months to change an automated business process.

Hence, IT leaders have decided to focus on security and compliance as well as unifying technology, data integration, data usability, skills and talents, and finally, technology for efficiency.