Doddle announces software deal with DVT

Software and services specialist DVT has been contracted by the pioneering UK parcel company Doddle to automate the testing of its frequently-updated web and smartphone software applications at DVT’s Global Testing Centre (GTC) in Cape Town.

Putting the focus on customers

Gary O’Connor, Doddle Chief Technology Officer, said: “We were introduced to DVT as a solutions provider who could help us to find a way to automate a lot of our software testing. They’ve provided very practical and efficient solutions, enabling us to focus on our customers.”

“We were challenged to find a way to overcome the physical scanning speed of Doddle’s Android-based parcel scanning device, which was too fast to allow testing scripts to run properly,” says Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT.

“We’ve been able to develop a practical solution for regression testing and test automation service that met with Doddle’s high standards and requirements,” says van der Merwe.

“Moreover, being based in South Africa, we enjoy close similarities in work culture, work ethic and spoken language, and a convenient time zone that allows our teams to regularly collaborate with one another.”

Test cases for new software builds

DVT has developed test cases for some of Doddle’s new software builds, with automated scripts that continually test the integrity of new builds almost as soon as they’re released by Doddle’s developers. Test results are automatically sent back to Doddle for review, and when necessary the teams video conference to discuss upcoming changes, updates or changes to the test automation process.

“We’ve only had positive feedback from Doddle so far, which is testament to the work we’ve put in to create a global hub for advanced software testing, quality assurance and test automation,” says van der Merwe.

“Aside from the obvious cost benefits, we can also offer customers further afield in Australia and North America a follow-the-sun model of continuous software testing and development that gives them an easy and affordable way to extend and speed up their development cycles while ensuring optimal quality.”


Edited from press release by Jordan Platt