Drive innovation by accelerating and standardising packaged application testing

Panaya Test Center leverages advanced technologies to replace manual methods for increased collaboration and higher quality software, essential for enterprise agility and digital transformation

Panaya Test Center (PTC) is a test acceleration platform that helps organisations drive innovation by accelerating and standardizing packaged application testing. Recently, Panaya announced the release of PTC 2.0, which introduces machine learning capabilities that automatically create real-life test cases based on actual usage, as well as expanded “record and play” functionality for both web and ERP applications, improving testing relevance and efficiency while generating audit-ready test documentation for proof of compliance, including e-signatures.

With PTC 2.0, QA teams can keep pace with rapidly changing requirements while reducing testing efforts by 30-50% without sacrificing scope or quality. Taking a business process-centric approach to testing, QA professionals can better manage the planning and execution of testing cycles that engage cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams with real-time visibility and actionable insights. The testing process is thereby accelerated by standardising functional test cycles as both functional experts and business users adopt the same testing platform, automating manual methods of testing, and providing increased visibility into test planning and execution at the business process level.

Panaya Test Center also includes Panaya Autonomous TestingSM for SAP, which eliminates the pain associated with business knowledge capture and the process of creating and maintaining manually engineered scripts for zero-touch test case creation and maintenance. Omega, the machine learning engine behind Autonomous TestingSM, uses machine learning algorithms to automatically create real-life test cases based on Business User activities captured in production.

With Panaya Test Center, users save time by accelerating manual testing traditionally managed in Excel and Word. Every test execution is effortlessly documented – including test evidence and a record of steps for test reproduction, seamlessly engaging all relevant business and IT stakeholders as they adopt the same testing platform. Audit-ready test documentation provides proof of compliance, including e-signatures for test runs and the monitoring of the signature process, essential for heavily regulated industries including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and financial services.

What customers are saying:

Martin Spiegler, Project Manager at Eissmann Group Automation noted this achievement, In total, we achieved 50% time savings on all regression tests, as we recorded our test cases and can re-use them every time.”

Maximilian Mayrhofer, Global Program Manager at Allianz Global Investors expressed that, “We would not have been able to do the testing that we did if we hadn’t had the automation and the acceleration potential that Panaya brought to the table.”

What else you should know:

  • Panaya Test Center is a SaaS solution which means no hardware or software installations, , frequent and painless upgrades as well as monitoring of on-premise automation tools.
  • Built-in collaboration tools streamline testing cycles with built-in notifications and communication. Automatic handover of test steps to the next user eliminates idle time, relieves workload bottlenecks and ensures optimal workflows.
  • Smart defect management enables users to centrally monitor defects, their resolution and the business processes affected by them. When a defect is found, automatically identify all other tests affected by it and block or send notifications to testers until the main defect is resolved. The resolved defect is automatically closed, eliminating defect backlog.
  • Test Automation Connectors provide complete integration of Panaya Test Center with existing automation tools.
  • Test Evidence Automation automates documentation processes traditionally managed in Excel and Word. Save time by effortlessly documenting every test execution – including test evidence and a record of steps for test reproduction while reducing the back and forth between developers and testers. Documentation is audit-ready, ensuring compliance with all internal and external quality standards.

For more information, check out Panaya Test Center.