eCall emergency responder technology sees alleged hit-and-run driver arrested in Florida

As reported by local news outlets, a Florida driver allegedly involved in two hit-and-run incidents was tracked down after her car’s eCall emergency responder technology alerted the police.

The driver’s car, equipped with Ford’s Sync Emergency Assistance portal recognised that there had been a crash and automatically contacted 911 after recording the time and date of the collision.

eCall emergency responder software

Designed to reduce the time it takes for emergency services to reach an accident site, eCall systems send a direct call when the airbag is deployed or the fuel pump is deactivated – for example when a car suffers a sudden jolt against an object.

The system also shares information such as the car model, time, and GPS co-ordinates to aid emergency services, in case a driver is unable to communicate.

However, this instance has shown that hit-and-run drivers can be linked to accidents after they have left the scene.

Soon a requirement in the EU

Thanks to new EU legislation, from 31 March 2018 all new cars and light vans will have the software installed as standard.

After talks between MEPs and EU governments it was agreed that the mandatory eCall would provide only basic data such as type of vehicle; fuel used; time of accident; and location.


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