Estonia blocks citizens from accessing online government services

Whilst working to fix a security flaw, Estonia is to block thousands of citizens from accessing online government services.

Earlier this year, a problem with the country’s national identity cards was identified, affecting 760,000 people.

According to the BBC, those who have not had their cards updated with new security certificates will no longer be able to use them to access some services from midnight; despite security researchers finding that the encryption used in the ID cards was easily cracked, allowing attackers impersonate people.

From midnight, only cards that have been updated will continue to work online.

Estonia’s Prime Minister, Juri Ratas, said: “As far as we currently know, there have been no instances of e-identity theft, but the threat assessment of the Police and Border Guard Board and the Information System Authority indicates that this threat has become real.”

Some citizens had complained that updating their ID card had taken a long time.

Written by Leah Alger