Ex-Googlers to have launched an AI lab to create general intelligence

Ex-Googlers have launched an artificial intelligence (AI) R&D lab that wants to teach machines how to use every software tool and API in the world.

Indeed, the initiative, named Adept AI, aims to become a research and product lab building general intelligence and it will focus on training a neural network that can perform general tasks on a computer such as generating compliance reports. The founders want their machines to be able to instruct the model to do actions using natural languages and then complete those tasks using available software.

Hence, the machine should be able to carry out an individual’s commands on its initiative. The lab will start with simple tasks and tools and increase in complexity over time.

To do so, the lab has raised $65 million from investors and will be led by Co-founder and CEO David Luan, CTO Niki Parmar, and chief scientist Ashish Vaswani as well as an early group of employees from Google and DeepMind.