Ex-tech workers launch campaign to ‘prevent tech addicts’

Despite being the creators, two former employees from the likes of Google and Facebook have created ‘The Center for Human Technology’ campaign, in a bid to prevent addictive nature of technology.

The campaign created by the backer of Facebook, Roger McNamee, and Tristan Harris, former Google designer, aims to realign technology for peoples best interests, as they believe tech is “hijacking society, minds, and humanity”.

‘Helping bring people closer together’

Thanks to non-profit media watchdog Common Sense Media, the campaign has received US$7million in funding.

Facebook revealed at the campaign launch: “It is a valued part of many people’s lives.

“We know Facebook, and the industry more broadly can help bring people closer together through technology.

“It’s a responsibility we take seriously, particularly as we think about younger generations. These are important discussions and we’ve already taken meaningful steps.

‘Side-effects of using tech’

“For instance, we changed our News Feed ranking to ensure people have more opportunities to connect with the people they care about, knowing it might reduce time spent on Facebook. Moving forward we’re committed to being part of the conversation.”

The campaign will also be focusing on 55,000 schools in the United States, in hope to teach students, parents, and teachers about the side-effects of using technology too much, with the main focus being health issues.

Written by Leah Alger