Female robotics director calls for tech industry to empower young women

On International Women’s Day, Diana Ocraim, academy director at robotic process automation specialists, UiPath, is calling on the tech industry to do more to empower young women within the technology sector, and encourage more females to enter the industry at an early age.

In her three years at the firm, she has had a tremendous impact on the workforce and the business itself, becoming an advocate for equality for both men and women.

Ocraim says: “I’m an active promoter of women in leadership roles and try to push the topic of diversity – including gender, background and nationality – every day. UiPath’s growth and success is crucial to the fact that all ideas are welcomed and appreciated, regardless of gender.

“As a company, we have acknowledged that there is a problem with gender balance in the industry – and we focus on making a positive impact in all the work that we do.

“Despite recent years showing some good progress in the sector, I still believe there is room for more action. It is frustrating that in 2019, there are still changes to be made when it comes to hiring processes and career paths.

“Equality in the workplace is essential, but the truth is, change won’t just happen because we want it to; tech leaders – men and women – must keep pushing for change themselves. It is time for people to take action, and ensure that more women are empowered within the tech industry to take up senior roles, as well as to even enter it in the first place.

“Investment into schemes and initiatives, with the aim of ensuring that more women are entering the industry, is crucial for all tech companies, including UiPath. This is where the issue of women in tech is currently at – more education and awareness needs to be spread to give women the platform to achieve within the technology sector.

“Every woman currently holding a role in the industry is blazing a trail for future generations, and we must continue laying solid foundations for future generations. In today’s contemporary world, being a woman in tech is something to be proud of, and we are in a position to bring around real change.”