Firms can do more to implement AI, study finds

A study from Mindtree, a digital transformation and outsourcing IT company based in New Jersey, has found that most businesses are building on the structures to deliver AI. However, it was also found that they may also lack the understanding to deliver value and data infrastructures to make AI success across enterprises.

650 IT leaders from key business markets were questioned in the survey.

It was discovered that 85% of enterprises have a data strategy in place with 77% using some sort of AI-related tech in the workplace. Just over a third claimed to have gained business value from artificial intelligence.

This result does, however, imply, that firms can be doing more to make the most of AI.

Who is benefitting?

The areas that made the most of AI, according to the report, seemed to be sales (35%) and marketing (32%). The most popular type of tech being deployed is machine learning, with 34% of companies asked using it, and chatbots, with 34% of organizations implementing it.

Mindtree believe that experimenting with AI can lead to repeatable success, especially when trialing agile and rapid innovation methodologies.

Revolutionizing organizations

“The potential of AI to disrupt, transform and rebuild businesses is clearly felt in the C-Suite, even if it is not yet fully understood,” said Suman Nambiar, Head of Strategy, Partners and Offering for Digital at Mindtree.

“Business and technology leaders are increasingly expected to prove business value, unlock the power of their data, and define their AI strategy and roadmap. To thrive in the Digital Age, businesses must be agile and unafraid of failure. They must also constantly refine their understanding of how AI will give them a competitive edge and deliver real and measurable business value to maximize their investment in these disruptive and powerful technologies,” Nambiar added.