Google Chrome introduces advert blocker

Google is designing a built-in ad blocker next year for its Chrome browser.

The search giant has already informed publishers about the change, with the ad blocker showing up in pre-release versions of its Chrome for Android apps.

Testers can download the most recent Chrome Canary build through Google play to test the ad blocker, which can also be found in the latest Chrome Canary app for Androids, according to The Verge.

Despite the fact that Google makes most of its revenue through its own advertisements, with 89% of its revenue coming from displaying adverts, it’s determined to master “intrusive ads”.

The senior vice president of adverts and commerce at Google, Sridhar Ramaswamy, said: “Google’s goal of Chrome’s ad blocker is to make online adverts better. We believe these changes will ensure all content creators, big and small, can continue to have a sustainable way to fund their work with online advertising.”

A company called the Coalition for Better Adds is currently determining all “unacceptable” adverts, which includes News Corp, Facebook, Google and The Washington Post as members.

Written by Leah Alger