Google developed AI model that can identify skin conditions

Google is developing an artificial intelligence system that aims to help doctors and users better identify dermatologic conditions by simply using a smartphone or a digital camera.

Indeed, the company recently announced the debut of its AI-powered dermatology assist tool, which is a web-based application. The AI tool is the product of three years of machine learning research and product development.

The users only have to upload three well-lit images of the skin, hair, or nail concern from different angles to their phones. The tool then records information about the user’s skin type, the issue, and symptoms. With this information, the AI system is able to determine a list of possible conditions and share it with the users.

Google assured that users’ data was stored securely and encrypted in transit and at rest.

This tool is the first consumer-facing medical device of the company and it aims to give users access to authoritative information so they can make a more informed decision about what to do next. As around two billion people worldwide suffer from dermatologic issues, it is necessary that these conditions are identified sooner so that the right treatment can be offered.

However, machine learning systems can prove challenging especially with data disparities. Hence, the Google Health team worked to build an AI model that could account for factors like age, sex, race, and different skin types.

It was recently reported that the AI model that powers the tool passed clinical validation, and the tool has been CE marked as a Class I medical device in the European Union. Google also declared that more AI models like this are in the works.