Highly skilled analysts on the autism spectrum find software testing work in California

USA’s MindSpark, Inc. software-testing consultancy, which is staffed by analysts on the autism spectrum, is launching an enterprise-level software testing platform.

The company has also significantly grown its client base and plans to add locations across the Greater Los Angeles region to service large-scale projects on a national level.

The consultancy helps companies meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community relations goals.

“Our mission is to use free market forces to drive social change by creating careers in high-tech for people with specialized abilities,” said Gray Benoist, President of MindSpark. “Our model has been proven to work exceptionally well, and we are clearly exceeding the overall performance of other QA platforms. That’s why our clients stay, and now all are expanding their business with us. Because of their skills, our employees are receiving positive customer feedback of their personal successes, enhancing their self-esteem and supporting their goal of independent lives.”

MindSpark’s platform, which includes independently operated, not-for-profit MindSpark Training Academy, provides a high-impact curriculum that in only a few short months prepares qualified candidates to work on complex technical projects. The analysts deliver service at competitive rates and leverage their talents for detail orientation, pattern recognition and sustained focus toward evaluation and testing of advanced software, applications and enterprise technology products.

Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.