How to keep performance testing affordable

Sascha McDonald, Architect and Founding Director of of and Founding Director of Testing Performance Ltd, explains how combining JMeter with the platform offers a really powerful performance testing solution.

A number of the commercial performance testing tools are well made. I have used most of the leading products. However, they can be extremely expensive. Another very big hidden cost is finding people who actually know how to use the tools properly. Also, getting your own people trained in how to use these tools can cost a bomb and can create resource dependencies.

When approaching a vendor it is really important to understand what type of services support they can offer and to ascertain how many people in the market place actually know how to use their very expensive tool. The last thing you want is a tool that no one knows how to use or requires extensive in-house training to use effectively.

JMeter is the most commonly used open-source performance testing tool in the world. You will never have a problem finding skilled, affordable people. Combining JMeter with the platform offers a really powerful performance testing solution. Users build scripts using JMeter and then manage and execute multiple concurrent performance testing projects using those scripts. with JMeter offers governance, collaboration and extensive analytics and reporting via a browser.

Some features of

  • Auto spawning of load generators across the globe.
  • Manage multiple concurrent streams of testing.
  • Collaborate with a team by viewing tests being executed on a browser.
  • Use your own load generators.
  • Integrate into your own cloud platform.
  • Behind the firewall deployments – host your own performance testing platform.
  • Auto analytics and reporting.
  • You can even white label the solution so that your company logo is on all reports and on the user interface.

Here is a quick video walk through of

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