IIHS releases Tesla Model 3 test results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released the first safety test results of Tesla Model 3.

Although Tesla is yet to have fully completed its crash tests, IIHS has begun to release the results of its safety testing, which included front crash prevention and headlights.

The American nonprofit organisation funded by auto insurers revealed that the new electric vehicle achieved a “superior rating for front crash prevention”.

In order to complete the IIHS test, Tesla’s Model 3 managed to avoid a crash at 12 mph and 25 mph.

This was managed because of the Model 3 being equipped with safety features powered by the Autopilot system, including Automatic Emergency Braking – the same as its Model S and Model X, which achieved the same high-rating.

Headlight rating – ‘acceptable’

IIHS then performed a test on Tesla’s Model 3 headlights, which was rated ‘acceptable’, despite its Model S currently holding a ‘poor’ rating.

According to a Tesla blog post: “On the straightaway, visibility was good on the left side of the road and inadequate on the right side. On curves, visibility was fair in all 4 tests.

“On the straightaway, visibility was good on the right side of the road and fair on the left side. On curves, visibility was good on the gradual right curve and fair on the sharp right and both left curves.

“High-beam assist compensates for some limitations of this vehicle’s low beams on the straightaway and all 4 curves.”

If Tesla updates its Model 3 headlights, the score can be improved by partaking in another IIHS test.

Written by Leah Alger a