Is graphene the future of computing?

Researchers have designed a new graphene-based transistor which has the ability to make computers 1000 times faster, according to Futurism.

The speed of building blocks of computer circuits is limited by the material the transistor is made out of.

Researchers applied a magnetic current to the “miracle material” graphene.

Making computers 1000 times faster

They found that graphene is “superconductive, ultrathin, conducts electricity 10 times better than copper, and 250 times better than silicon”.

The semi-metal material increased the speed of the microprocessors tested by the researchers by 1000 times.

Because of this, scientists now believe graphene could make computers 1000 times faster, as well as use only 1% of its power.

This could help transform big data analytics and could be useful in climate models, space exploration and other fields.

Written by Leah Alger